Tell us who owes you money and we will tell you the possibilities you have to initiate an

Involuntary Bankruptcy



We promise to answer in only 48 hours!


Steps to follow

  1. Contact us so we can evaluate the prospects of success of the involuntary bankruptcy of the debtor proposed.

  2. Within 48 hours, you will get an answer on the expectations.

  3. We need you to prepare the documentation on which your demand is based on:

    contracts, invoices, delivery registers, letters, promissory notes, receipts, returned

    bills, etc.

  4. We need you to help us to investigate if there are other creditors involved with the

    insolvent debtor.

  5. We will prepare the involuntary bankruptcy proceeding of the debtor, taking the

    necessary steps of the investigation in order to assert the request of the involuntary bankruptcy.